Virtua Striker 2 step 1.5 Freezes

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Virtua Striker 2 step 1.5 Freezes

Postby Cel_da » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:24 am

as the vs2 series is one of my favourite sm3 games and is woking like charm in my cab, yesterday i was playing and i've noticed a problem (that i think only apeared in last sm version 0.3a). besides some graphical problems, some black stripes in the top and bottom of screen when you score a goal and the replay is going ( not a very big problem) but when i win all games and also the sega fc game it does´t plays the " all goals movie" instead supermodel actually freezes (only with ctr alt del can quit)...
i would like to post and share some of my best scores...but i can´t even introduce my name in hi-scores screen since the game freezes before it displays...
...i´m preaty sure the game worked well in previous emulator releases altough the final goals video was taking some time to load (sometimes the music ended before all goals displays) but it was working...just posted to know if this is a known problem and if there´s a way to fix it (instead of downgrading supermodel version)...
...if there´s some way i can help fixing the prob...

Thank you!...

i´m thinking in posting some photos of my cabinets, think it´s worth?!
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