Supermodel shaders injection (SweetFX & co)

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Supermodel shaders injection (SweetFX & co)

Postby jkl » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:43 pm

HI all,
I'm a big fan of sega 3D arcade games, and, consequentially, a very big fan of supermodel: many thanks to Bart and the team for programming it!!

I hope that Supermodel development will go further in the next months, even if I know that as a free-time-project we cannot pretend it!

This said, one of my favourite features of every emulator are scanlines, not yet implemented in Supermodel. I tried various shaders injector hoping to add them, but unsuccesfully as most of them are written for D3D and not openGL as supermodel is.

But yesterday I discovered some sort of injectors collector & mediator, called ReShade (, and I can confirm that it can inject sweetfx as well as others on Supermodel. I have my setup working!

You simply have to donwload that package, and use an application called "mediator".
Once mediator points to supermodel executable (supermodel of course, not its GUI if you're using it!!) it recognizes it as opengl app (right!). After that you on the "pipeline" tab you can activate the effects. Once done (for now I activated SMAA and advanced CRT) you can press the orange stripe on the bottom to send it permanently on your supermodel folder.
Once done, you'll find some new file on the root as well as a "ReShade" folder. Inside it you can find various .cfg files, and modifying them you can adjust manually the effects (be aware that as default the injector starts with a 0,06 value of Advanced CRT effect, set it to 1 to start adjusting it, it depends by your resolution).

Much happier than I was saturday, as I can enjoy model 3 games with higher resolution than original, with added antialiasing and scanlines emulation!

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