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Re: Critical Ocean Hunter issue

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:10 pm
by MakutaMaster962
Ian wrote:It should definitely work.

OK, but I'm afraid I'll need some very detailed instructions on how to do this(a few screenshots included would also be nice). I'm currently running Supermodel 3 through EmuLoader version 8.2.9(just as an FYI).

EDIT: Well anyway, please keep me informed if/when you manage to make progress on fixing this issue, since Ocean Hunter isn't as enjoyable without the background fog effects, among other things.

Re: Critical Ocean Hunter issue

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:01 am
by Bart
Change "New3DEngine=1" to "New3DEngine=0" in the config file. You can also make this specific to Ocean Hunter by putting it in its own section:

Code: Select all
New3DEngine = 0