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Re: supermodel 3 has stopped working

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:58 pm
by krsjoker
Hi everyone,just a little update for anyone else that might encounter this issue,
I have set the ppc frequency from the default 50 to 51 and I have noticed alot less slowdown in daytona 2 while power sliding through the final turn on the bigginer track with other smoking AI cars (which was mainly wher the system crashes were occurring)
Now I have tested for over an hour with no crashes and hardly (iff at all) any slow down so things are looking good.

Re: supermodel 3 has stopped working

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:03 pm
by krsjoker
just another update for other noobs out there like me

as i increased the ppc frequency the crashes got less and less but i started to notice some very slight stuttering especialy in the begginer track (power edition)
how ever overclocking my old i7 870 from 2.93ghz to 3.3ghz has almost completely removed the problem :) now ther are no slow downs when smoking cars are on the track while power sliding.

(ppc frequency currently set to 55)

hope this help someone