Artworks for Virtua Striker

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Artworks for Virtua Striker

Postby Joaquim Gonçalves » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:56 am

I just made one artwork for Virtua Striker generic 16:9.
If you like it, i can able to make the rest for different sizes.
I grab from here:
And i use the Somalia Flag :lol:
Changing the colour in photoshop will goes to this... ... 0x2400.jpg

My custom 16:9.

One More.

Vertical Version.

I can´t find logos for 98 or 99 versions. :(

The logo i put is from the dreamcast version, i'm looking for the original logo from the intro.

What do you think?
I decided to use the same from the intro with some wave flag.
If you can make it better, post yours.
Enjoy. :)

Printing ingame and paste in to photoshop the best i can do. :P At least is something. 98 Version.

99 Version.

The original Version VS2, the graphics in the menu are very bad for photoshop. I can´t even fix it, if anyone have a better png logo with the effects backwards with the ball, just send me right away.

Hehe Boy!
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