Unique Lightgun setups

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Unique Lightgun setups

Postby MrLightgun » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:31 am

Hi everyone

This is my first post but long time lurker :-)

I'm a real big fan of Lightgun games and really interested in the various different solutions available to solve the LCD television problem. Having set up a load of Lightgun games I've found that Star Wars and Lost World are 2 gems that I was previously unaware of. Combining Model2 and Supermodel gives coverage of what I think are the best Lightgun games.

I wondered if anyone had any unique setups that they could give feedback on?

I'm guessing the main ones are the Wii remote and AimTrak but I wondered if anyone had done anything more innovative?

Has anyone tried PS3 move with Supermodel or maybe a joystick style gun look on the original arcade? I'm just interested in comparing the pros and cons of the technology against one another. Any feedback from people who have tried multiple solutions would be really appreciated.

Wii Remote - No line of sight accuracy?
AimTrak - Needs to be quite far back and quite often needs recalibration? Lag acceptable?
PS3 Move on PC - I heard originally it was meant to be quite laggy but has anyone found this to be a good solution?
Joystick gun - Has anyone had success with this at home? I guess it's not exactly a living room solution!

I'm working on a solo project to come up with a better solution but trying to understand what the flaws are. My opinion is that if the correct technology is developed that Lightgun games would make a full comeback but a lot of people claim that they died because no one was interested anymore.


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Re: Unique Lightgun setups

Postby Bart » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:25 pm

Just a minor quibble but Star Wars is not a light gun game. It was controlled with an analog joystick.
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Re: Unique Lightgun setups

Postby anchounio » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:08 pm

These is the original control panel of Star Wars Trilogy
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Re: Unique Lightgun setups

Postby LeSpank » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:15 pm

Hi Mr Lightgun,

I own and have used the AimTrack light gun with LCD monitors and have found it to be an excellent solution.

The set-up is fairly straight forward and calibration only has to be done once as long as you aren't moving the infra-red sensor bar around. There is a bit of faff to get it working with the model 2 emulator but again, nothing major and there are plenty of guides online to get you going.

Some people say that it is laggy, I have not really found it be be a problem. The only drawback I have discovered is that they are sensitive to reflections. I have a glass desk and if there is sunlight coming in it can mean shots fail to register in the game. Easy fix though, just close the blind ;)
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Re: Unique Lightgun setups

Postby dan76 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:19 am

There's already a thread here on using the Wiimote as a light gun. Glovepie has now been replaced with the easier to set up Dolphin bar. It's basically a plug and play solution to playing lightgun games on a PC with a Wiimote.

Bart wrote:Just a minor quibble but Star Wars is not a light gun game. It was controlled with an analog joystick.

You're right but it should have been. With a Wiimote the gun sections are way better and you have one to one mapping for the lightsaber sections. It's the most realistic lightsaber combat of any Star Wars game. The only thing missing is force feedback, which is only really apparent during a lightsaber strike with Vader.

Anyhow, prior to that I always used a flight stick for lightgun games. I think a mouse is too easy, and an analogue stick on a controller isn't precise enough, so a flight stick was the next best thing. Crossbow on mame is a game I played the hell out of with a flight stick.
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