Using Supermodel Emulator via .bat file system

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Using Supermodel Emulator via .bat file system

Postby ark216 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:57 pm

Hello Everyone,
I have recently switched to using the Supermodel emulator via .bat file system where you need to create .bat files for each game and one .bat file in order to configure controls. This was done so that i can use the latest builds as all the GUI interfaces out there (as per my knowledge) don't use the latest builds. I am not good at cmd line so i found out that running the emualtor via .bat file system is a more "accessible" approach over the cmd line.

However that has lead me to some issues and i hope someone can help me out.

1) I added putting "-force-feedback" line just after this line "supermodel -config-inputs -input-system=xinput" and the FFB/rumble doesn't seem to work.

2) I am using someone's NVRAM that i found on the web, but it is not being loaded.The same NVRAM files when used with a GUI and launched do work (Sega Rally 2 special cars unlocked).

3) How to configure "gun games" as "raw input" using this .bat file system. ( I was able to configure xinput controls, but don't know how to configure light gun games in the cmd/dos window which gets launched when the you double click the .bat file for configuring controls).

4) Cannot enter Sega Rally 2 "test mode" and it freezes the emulator when i hit the "test menu" key. As was told earlier that i need to wait till the textures load up in the attract mode, which i clearly did, despite my waiting it always freezes up.

Help much appreciated

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Re: Using Supermodel Emulator via .bat file system

Postby spiffo » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:22 pm

I'm using r735 on Windows 10 with a XBOX360 Controller

1 This is my Batch File for Daytona2 Supermodel.exe ROMS\ -input-system=xinput -fullscreen -force-feedback and the Force Feedback works for me!

2 Why would you use someone else's NVRAM, you've got me there, what's the purpose?

3 You substitute the -input-system=xinput for -input-system=rawinput in the Batch File.

4 Sorry, I don't have that problem, I can get into the Test Menu.
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