Virtual On 2 - X360 controller R Stick calibration issue

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Virtual On 2 - X360 controller R Stick calibration issue

Postby elvin3836 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:19 am

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forum. I checked and couldn't find anything.

I'm using version 0.3a and loading it with EmuLoader.

I'm a big fan of the arcade's dual joysticks so I've opted to use the x360's right analog stick in the traditional manner. Here's my controller setup.

; Virtual On individual joystick mapping
InputTwinJoyLeft1 = "JOY1_XAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyRight1 = "JOY1_XAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyUp1 = "JOY1_YAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyDown1 = "JOY1_YAXIS_POS"

InputTwinJoyLeft2 = "JOY1_RXAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyRight2 = "JOY1_RXAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyUp2 = "JOY1_RYAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyDown2 = "JOY1_RYAXIS_POS"

; Virtual On buttons
InputTwinJoyShot1 = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON5"
InputTwinJoyShot2 = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON6"
InputTwinJoyTurbo1 = "KEY_Z,JOY1_ZAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyTurbo2 = "KEY_X,JOY1_ZAXIS_NEG"

The problem is that the right analog stick isn't OFF when not pressed in any direction. Here's what the Input Test screen shows.

Virtual-On OT01.JPG
Virtual-On OT01.JPG (25.25 KiB) Viewed 1517 times

Was hoping for a calibration screen to fix this. I tried using the Boundary Scan Test screen but couldn't figure it out. It's not like the typical calibration screens often found under "Volume".

If a calibration method isn't available, is there an alternate way to map the right analog stick? For example, the left analog stick Up can be either of the following:

If the right stick had an alternate mapping, I'm hoping that would work though I don't think the following would work:

The kluge I ended up using is to use the face buttons for the right stick. When these are used, the values are OFF when no buttons are pressed.

InputTwinJoyLeft2 = "JOY1_BUTTON3"
InputTwinJoyRight2 = "JOY1_BUTTON2"
InputTwinJoyUp2 = "JOY1_BUTTON4"
InputTwinJoyDown2 = "JOY1_BUTTON1"

I'd like to use the right stick instead, however.

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Re: Virtual On 2 - X360 controller R Stick calibration issue

Postby blink625 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:30 pm

Hi there:

Please try this configuration, I'm using Supermodel-x64.r775-Release.
This configuration worked for my right analog joystick.

; Virtual On individual joystick mapping
InputTwinJoyLeft1 = "JOY1_XAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyLeft2 = "JOY1_ZAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyRight1 = "JOY1_XAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyRight2 = "JOY1_ZAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyUp1 = "JOY1_YAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyUp2 = "JOY1_RZAXIS_NEG"
InputTwinJoyDown1 = "JOY1_YAXIS_POS"
InputTwinJoyDown2 = "JOY1_RZAXIS_POS"

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