Supermodel and stereoscopic 3D

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Supermodel and stereoscopic 3D

Postby Devil Master » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:19 pm

Hello, I'm a big fan of playing games in stereoscopy, and I even built myself a head-mounted display to do so. I mostly use ReShade with the SuperDepth3D.fx shader for that, and I especially enjoy playing emulated games like that.
However, when I tried to do so with Supermodel (I tried Scud Race and Spikeout), I noticed that ReShade can correctly fetch data from the depth buffer during the attract mode, which is seen in glorious 3D, while the scene is completely flat when the game begins (the only thing that pops up is the HUD, displayed on a different plane than the rest of the scene).

I noticed that Supermodel itself can make use of shaders, and when I talked to the author of SuperDepth3D.fx about this, he said: "I can write one. All I need is the back buffer and a z-buffer." Then I showed him the example shader in the Download page, and he replied he doesn't see the depth buffer in that shader.
Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about shaders, but the author of SuperDepth3D.fx is very eager to help others run games in 3D: he wrote me a shader for nullDC, another one for the PC version of Rez, and even one that resizes and shifts the picture to obtain a correct aspect ratio in an HMD.
If anyone here would post how to access the depth buffer in Supermodel, I'm sure we'd get a stereoscopic shader in no time.

ADDENDUM: The behavior I described occurs with the new renderer. The old renderer does not give any stereoscopic view at all.
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