Any advice for more FPS?

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Re: Any advice for more FPS?

Postby Bart » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:47 pm

BadMouth wrote:I remember seeing a checkpoint sign that kinda read CHK-CHK-CHK. I thought it was odd, but it looked almost right enough to be made that way. I have other obligations this evening, but if I find time I'll do a screen capture.

I've seen those on the medium course but I can't remember if they were also on the beginner course.

I do know that v0.1a has noticeably messed-up checkpoint signs in the Expert course. You can go back and find videos people have uploaded on Youtube where it's clearly visible. In v0.2a, those are fixed due to texture offset emulation (the only change in the renderer since v0.1a.)
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Re: Any advice for more FPS?

Postby RetroRepair » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:57 pm

I'll do a screen cap later tonight. It's like the texture is split quite noticeably diagonally. I'm running the PPC at 50mhz so I can only assume it's my GPU (7600 GT).

I'm definitely going to have to install XP x64 SP3 (well, SP2 plus the updates since then). We'll see if it still has all these issues.
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Re: Any advice for more FPS?

Postby nuexzz.. » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:18 pm

some software would be good to do 100% of use for supermodel.exe.
and almost all unusable s.o :D

I'm sorry for my limeted English
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Re: Any advice for more FPS?

Postby RetroRepair » Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:25 pm

Well I updated to SP2 and no difference so I decided to check the nvidia control panel and found that if I disable multi-threaded optimisation then I get near enough full speed in all the driving games and since the music etc is still in a separate thread I don't get any of the audio distortion I was getting using supermodel on only one core. So if you are having the affinity issue and you have an nvidia card I'd give that a go. It doesn't seem to have affected how many fps I was getting (once I'd messed with CPU affinity of course).

As a side note I had also noticed supermodel was reporting the most I was getting was 51.1 fps. Once I forced vsync to be disabled in the nvidia control panel I got 60fps at most.

There's still gfx issues I'm getting I've not seen anyone else get (regardless of settings) but that's for another thread.

*EDIT* I only see the checkpoint texture issue in window mode it seems, fullscreen it works as it should :D

I'm off to play the crap out of Daytona 2 now! :lol:
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