PCI non express cards

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PCI non express cards

Postby joearcade » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:30 am

Hello, I have an somewhat powerful HP low profile computer its defineately faster than a P4 has a SATA drive and gig of DDR2 ram. But the issue is the pci express 16 adaptor is sadly missing from the motherboard. When they made the board it was an option that HP didn't take up on. Anyway I have plenty of PCI slots and an X1 though I already tried getting a card in there. There was no thought for a graphic cards being used doesn't fit due to sized restrictions. If a plain old PCI card not express can be used (given thought to low-profile) what size (256?) brand and direct x do I need? I know newegg sells a bunch. There is an direct x 10 512 nvidia knock off for 80 bucks but I want to go as cheap a possible. Anyone have an luck/expierence with this? WIll spml3 work with pci card?


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