Logitech G27 is supported by default in Supermodel?

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Re: Logitech G27 is supported by default in Supermodel?

Postby Spindizzi » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:39 am

I've found why we have an error in this case
Stoneman wrote:When my G27 is connected, every time the supermodel -config-inputs is ending with an error when i push any button.

Lucky me, I've a G27 to debug
in fact CInputSystem::LookupName(EJoyPart joyPart) return NULL because it doesn't find the axis name when it compares each term in the list CInputSystem::s_joyParts[]

after the patch, no more error and the clutch pedal is correctly named : JOYx_SLIDER2_NEG

Bart or Ian, could you patch if it seems correct for you, please ?
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Re: Logitech G27 is supported by default in Supermodel?

Postby Ian » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:13 am

I'll push it later tonight :)
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Re: Logitech G27 is supported by default in Supermodel?

Postby Stoneman » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:15 am

Wow, great support, thank you very much. Now its working, I love it :P

Here is my configuration working great with r722

Code: Select all
InputSteeringLeft = JOY1_POV1_LEFT
InputSteeringRight = JOY1_POV1_RIGHT
InputSteering = JOY1_XAXIS
InputAccelerator = JOY1_YAXIS_NEG
InputBrake = JOY1_SLIDER2_NEG
InputGearShiftUp = JOY1_BUTTON5
InputGearShiftDown = JOY1_BUTTON6
InputGearShift1 = JOY1_BUTTON9
InputGearShift2 = JOY1_BUTTON10
InputGearShift3 = JOY1_BUTTON11
InputGearShift4 = JOY1_BUTTON12
InputViewChange = JOY1_BUTTON16
InputHandBrake = JOY1_BUTTON7
InputRearBrake = JOY1_BUTTON8
InputMusicSelect = JOY1_BUTTON18
InputJoy1XOffVal = 0
InputJoy1XDeadZone = 5
InputJoy1YDeadZone = 1
InputJoy1S2DeadZone = 1

Only one thing I am not really sure am I doing it right. When I calibrate the InputAccelerator = JOY1_YAXIS_NEG. Then I get this not working entry in the supermodel.ini

Code: Select all
InputJoy1YMinVal = 32767
InputJoy1YOffVal = 32767
InputJoy1YMaxVal = -32768
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