New FrontEnd SuperModel GUI

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New FrontEnd SuperModel GUI

Postby tHc » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:48 pm

What is it, How does it work ?

Its a simple front end for model 3 emulator with custom config for each game.


Extract to your supermodel directory.

Place your game icons in the icons folder (must be jpegs) with the same name as the romset
i.e dayto2pe.jpg for

If your using x86 cut and paste supermodel.exe & sdl.dll to the x86 directory or x64 for 64bit.
You can do both if you have them.

Now goto the config folder and open up setting.xml in notepad and fill out the following info

Full path to supermodel.exe(the same as you had it in before not x86 or x64)

Full path to your roms

Any arguments you want to pass
<DefaultArgs> -input-system=xinput</DefaultArgs>

Default mode x86 or x64

Image layout style Portrait or Landscape

QlEffects enabled 1 on , 0 off

now run supermodel gui and it should compare matching images/roms and list any match found then just double click on image to play game.

Custom config.

You can have custom GLeffect or game settings per game this is how to set up

1st create a new text doc and add this to it

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

set the default modes and save in the custom folder as the same name as the romset/jpg file but as an xml file.
now if you set gleffect to on you will need a custom gl file so copy the QeffectsGL.ini to the custom folder make
any changes and save as rom/jpg name .gl32
finally do the same the the settings.ini from the config folder and if the gui picks these up it will use them.

Custom skins.

Use the skin tool.
For bg image use a png with transparent background about 600 pixels wide the rest you should be able to work out.

To exit gui on iphone double click the home button and the nvidia shield double click on the nvida logo/name



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