(Offtopic) Daytona USA Deluxe modding

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(Offtopic) Daytona USA Deluxe modding

Postby DaytonaFan » Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:21 am

Hello! I have been playing Daytona USA Deluxe on my PC, and thinking about the Hornet car design. It was cool that the original design was included as a extra car but it wasnt the same as the original one. Then I started fiddling around the game directory and found some files called plcar##.mdl and plcar##.tex that (As I thought) are for the cars you control on the game. I then swapped the Hornet files (plcar01) with the Daytona files (plcar09) and it worked smoothly! Changing it on the menus would require looking on other files but it works with no problems in-game. I also tried swapping Maxi with Daytona files and the car looked like Daytona too! The stats were also the same from each car and the car properly looked crashed when it gone agaisnt a wall. Out of curiosity, I also tried swapping the Daytona tex file with Hornet's one and leaving mdl file as it was. The result?



Also there seems to be separate files for 2-Player mode cars (plcar2#), as the Hornet car reverted to normal when I tried using it on 2-Player. I will later upload a video about this. If somebody knows how to modify the *.tex files on the game directory, tell me!

EDIT: The video is avaliable here:
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