[GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dummies

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[GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dummies

Postby fefor » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:57 pm

Ok, this is my first thread on this forum, I hope this is the correct category to post this and also hope you guys understand and find this guide useful :)

I have seen in a few youtube comments (myself included) asking how we could play with the multiplayer cars in single mode vs the AI, until I came across this thread:

I thought maybe it would be better to have those instructions with images attached to make it more comprehensive, so this is my attempt at doing so, hopefully it will be easier now.


First you gonna need Cheat Engine, once you have downloaded it start up your Daytona USA 2 and your Cheat engine menu. Once you see the attract mode movie load up click on the button below "File" and open "Supermodel.exe"


Now you must go to "Value Type" and select "Byte" afterwards search for value number 0 and click on "First Scan", if done correctly should look like this:


Moving on now you may press the test menu button (default:6) and go to game settings then select "Master" and choose which car you want to use:


Up next you when you get the "Network board not present" error you need to search for value number 1 hitting the "Next Scan" button:


Now go back to test menu and select "Slave" afterwards when you get the "Network board not present" error you need to search for the value number 2 hitting the "Next Scan" button:


Go back to test menu again and select "Live" mode, just repeat the process as you did with the last two steps but now you will search (Next Scan) for value number 3:


After you've done this, you must go to test menu again and select "Single" mode, wait till the attract mode movie begins and search for number 0 with "Next Scan":


You may now have from 6 to 7 adresses, select them all by double clicking them:


Now check every "Active" square with a cross, and change the values from 0 to 1:


Now you must wait till the first attract mode scene ends, and by the next scene, your number whatever car should appear on the screen:


Just insert a coin, select your course and transmission, when you are done your car will be stuck at "waiting for other players" screen:


Now here is the "difficult" part, you must go back to the adresses and change the values that are now on 1 to 0, you may try one by one till you find the correct one, when you find the correct one you will hear the sound of the cars engine roaring, quickly change the value you just changed to 0 back to 1 and now open up the game tab again, if done correctly the race should start with your car!


I do recommend doing this in windowed mode to make it easier to switch from the game and cheat engine tab, when your race is loaded, simply hit your SAVE button and close everything, launch up the game again but this time with fullscreen and your desired resolution, load up your save and enjoy! I have made one save for each track with different numbers/colours :mrgreen:

Maybe it seems difficult to do but trust me, its not that hard, once you've done it a few times you get the hang of it, if for some reason you can't or don't want to download Cheat Engine, or just can't make this work, let me know which car and track you want and i'll upload a save state for you, but before requesting please try first if you can pull this off by your own :)

Shotout to dustyjo for finding out how to do this and MichaelMichael54321 for creating the thread that made me found about this thing
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby MichaelMichael54321 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:12 pm

I appreciate the shoutout! There's a few precautions I want to mention that I didn't in my other created thread:

    Please make a backup of your NVRAM if you value your records.
    This data will definitely alter your game as this is not the normal way the game gets it's multiplayer features, and you may never know when you come across a roadblock. There's a random chance that you will modify the wrong value. If so, the game resets to factory settings, with the exception of region and volume settings. I had this happen twice before, and I lost all my records with both the Phantom Full-Force and the Scorpio Plasma on all the tracks, including Challenge/Mix.

    What about BOTE?
    Since Battle on the Edge and Power Edition both have the same types of Link ID, BOTE also works following this same guide! The key difference is that there are two waiting points in BOTE. From at least the addresses I got, the course was already selected Beginner, and required an address value to 0 to proceed. After setting address back to 1, you still would have to go through the transmission one (timing counts) and then actually to a race.

    What about the other racing games? Do they work under this same guide?
    Scud Race doesn't work. You will isolate addresses, but attempting to change the value of 1 specific address (ending with 5D) will freeze the emulation. Other, game remains unaffected as it still uses the single-player liveries. This also applies to Dirt Devils.

    Le Mans 24 doesn't work for the reason that even trying to boot the game with a communication setting other than "No Link" will halt emulation.

    I don't know how Sega Rally 2 would do any good since it freezes (but avoidable) after exiting the test menu. Even in the "Game Assignments", there is no setting for linking.

And wraps up my concerns if anybody is willing to follow this guide.

You (not Bart, Ian, dustyjo, fefor, CE dev staff, nor myself) are held responsible for what happens to your games when following this guide. Please remember this.
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby fefor » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:02 pm

Thanks for pointing out the scores thing, forgot to mention that, I had mine deleted too but I don't actually care since my times are bad in this game ;) and if I do pull of a good one i'll just take a screenshot out of it
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby cailan bruce0 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:37 am

i also have a more better way to get the multiplayer cars only works if you have the newest build

so you need to go to the supermodel config file and then put this code in

EmulateNet = 1
port_in = 1980
port_out = 1980
addr_out = ""

OH wait this just makes the game slow
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby krsjoker » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:37 am

hey :)

added these lines but still just normal cars,any ideas?
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby Joaquim Gonçalves » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:35 am

Nice guide, can you make one to unlock all the cars ingame to play it offline Arcade Version? Thanks a lot. :)
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Re: [GUIDE] Enable multiplayer cars in Daytona USA 2 for dum

Postby JackoHedge » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:17 pm

Thanx for the guide.
As a frequent Cheat Engine user, I can tell you that, when you're adding values to the adresseslist by double-clicking all of them, you can justshift-select all of them, right clicking any one of them and selecting "add selected adresses to the adresslist". ;)
Sorry if I speak english like a Belgian cow... ^^,
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