M2 emulator runs slow and nobody knows it

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M2 emulator runs slow and nobody knows it

Postby gameotaku » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:03 pm

Hey guys! I'm happy to be a new member of this forum :)

I'm quite a hardcore Daytona fan, so I've basically played it in every existing platform. I was aware that Daytona (model 2 emulator)was running quite slow in my machine, but i thought it was my computer's problem.
But recently I've upgraded my graphics card (AMD R9 290 4gb) and surprisingly it's still happens. Supermodel runs flawlessly smooth though, which was surprising as well.

I tried every single possible tweak in Model 2 emulator, but games felt still slightly slow. I notice it specially in Daytona cause it's my favourite game and like i said before I played it to death in every system. This is specially easy to figure out looking at the times, the seconds are longer than a longer second.
To be totally sure, I played the game windowed and I syncronized the lap times with a stopwatch, and I confirmed I was right. When Daytona reached 9 seconds, the stopwatch marked already 10 seconds.

I reviewed all settings and I decided i couldn't possibly be my machine's problem, since every other game (past and present) and emulator runs smoothly.

So I went to youtube to see other M2 daytona gameplays and compared them with the stopwatch time, and it turns out the same thing happens to EVERYONE!
I thought then someone else should have realized but I found nothing in the forums.

So my question is: Did no one at all realize this till now? it's quite shocking, this emulator has been out there for almost a decade!

If you play it in xbox 360 or ps3 and then in m2 emulator, the difference is quite obvious.

I'd like to send this comments to the emulator's programmer, in case he was not aware and he feels curious about it.

Well anyway, i though I'd share this with you guys to see what you think!

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Re: M2 emulator runs slow and nobody knows it

Postby Shekel » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:12 am

Didn't see this post. Interesting topic.

I'm not qualified to give a technical answer but this has been on my mind lately when I've been trying to beat my personal bests on the Sega Rally games. Are they comparable to the arcade?

I tested Sega Rally (1) with an online stopwatch and yeah, the game timer is slow on both the emulator and arcade but when putting both versions together and watching the timer for the first minute of the game, they seem to be exactly the same, assuming you play at 57.5 fps.
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Re: M2 emulator runs slow and nobody knows it

Postby Joaquim Gonçalves » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:19 pm

No Cakes of ElSemi, no nothing. :)
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Re: M2 emulator runs slow and nobody knows it

Postby gameotaku » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:44 pm

The thing is if you play Daytona in ps3 or xbox 360, this doesn't happen. The game is faster and smoother, and the seconds run like real life seconds.

Like you said, it also happens in Sega Rally, and I've checked in the ps2 version of sega rally the time is also correct. This makes me have consistenly better times in m2 emulator since i have more time to react.

Anyway, I'm happy to see i was not the only one to notice!
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