video stretch option.

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video stretch option.

Postby xbrunox » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:05 am

Hello everyone and congratulations to Bart for his fantastic emulator.
I apologize right away for my low level of English, the text you read is done by an automatic translator.

I come to the point.

I use the supermodel on a 4:3 15 Khz monitor which therefore does not support the native resolution of the model3 if not interlaced and the flicker you have is really annoying.
is it possible to implement a simple stretch video in the supermodel similar to the one on the Demul? not like what the current widescreen does.

Now I'll explain why.

I would like to run the supermodel in a 240x2560 super resolution with the enabled video stretch, so as to fill the pixels vertically and let the image fit automatically on the horizontal.
it's possible?
thank you
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Re: video stretch option.

Postby Bart » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:22 am

What you're describing is the normal video mode (non-wide-screen). Stretch would fill the pixels vertically *and* horizontally. In order to maintain the correct aspect ratio, Supermodel first fills the screen vertically. It then uses the aspect ratio to compute what the horizontal resolution should be. Because most displays are wider than they are tall, the horizontal resolution will be less (there will be a black border on the left and right sides). This correctly preserves the aspect ratio and maximizes the viewable area.

A "stretch" mode would completely fill the screen *without* preserving the aspect ratio, resulting in distortion.
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