ArtMoney and freezing timer in games...

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ArtMoney and freezing timer in games...

Postby ConversusVans » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:49 pm

Hey all, I've been interested in using ArtMoney (or any cheating engine device) to cheat certain games but not much luck. Has anyone tried using it?

What I want to do is freeze the timer on Harley-Davidson so I can just drive around the city and possibly do videos showing the entire map of the game.
I remember a thread in 2012 where someone in Indonesia managed to cheat the score by searching for values equal to the score, but the thread's pictures aren't viewable anymore for me

So far what I've done is load the game and ArtMoney v8.02 (hooking it up to my Supermodel.exe), pause the game while stopping the bike and searching for values equal to the amount of time I have left over, but no luck. Could anyone give me a good tutorial?
- Conversus W. Vans (Paul)
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Re: ArtMoney and freezing timer in games...

Postby Boomslangnz » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:08 am

I've become quite good at finding addresses etc these days however I just use cheat engine.

Generally to find the timer. Start of by setting the value as a float.
- Search for an unknown value at beginning of timer countdown
- next scan decrease value over and over
- if you end up with a few addresses still then select them all and add to list and go though clicking the freeze box to left
- eventually you should find the one which stops timer countdown

You have now found the dynamic address (Unless the address you found was green which means it's a static address . Problem with only a dynamic address is it once you exit game etc, the address you found won't be the timer next time you play game.

If you are wanting timer everytime you play, then you will need to do a pointer scan.

Find dynamic address as we discussed above, now do a pointer scan on it (Right click). It will find thousands of addresses, now exit game and start up again

Find new dynamic address, perform pointer scan on the previous scan and remove pointers not pointing to address and enter the new dynamic address

Repeat several times and perform a restart of pc too.

You might end up with 1 pointer, you might end up with 100's but you will end up with a static pointer which will ALWAYS point to timer address


however, every new supermodel version will need all these steps to be redone. New supermodel version = new memory addresses
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