Thrustmaster T300 Win 7

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Thrustmaster T300 Win 7

Postby SuYuzuki » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:34 pm

Hi there

I bought myself the named steering wheel. I spent plenty of hours to install it in Win 7 but it is not possible. The driver can not be set correctly. I tried all the tips from thrustmaster support without any success. That is bad cause this steering wheel is absolutely best on clay. Personal opinion. So than I tried it on my laptop with win 10. No problem. 1st try successful. My solution is... Today I will build a dual boot system with win 7 and win 10 simultaneously on the same HD ssd. Why? Cause most of emulated shmups do have some minimal laag issue under win 10 and this is not acceptable for me. Win 7 for shmups and beat EM ups and win 10 for racing games from am 2 and am 3. Thanx to ssd it takes just a few seconds to reboot.
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