Some doubts: gpu-multi-threaded, quad-rendering, and strech

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Some doubts: gpu-multi-threaded, quad-rendering, and strech

Postby anchounio » Fri May 31, 2019 6:18 am

Hi, I've read something about these 2 new options for supermodel, At the moment it seems:

"-gpu-multi-threaded" according to bart: "GPU multithreading allows Supermodel to potentially use a second core to offload rendering. It should absolutely be used on lower end machines. "
So I guess this one is recommended for most 3d cars.

"-quad-rendering" it seems this option one is only recommended for powerful 3d cards. Allows showing some small graphic details otherwise won't work

My doubts:
Are these 2 working by default in supermodel wip 775 or do they have to be added to commandline or config.ini?
In case they could be added to config.ini, what is the syntax?

Regarding the -stretch function added in r725, How does it work? I'ved added -stretch to command line and saw no differences. I would like to cover the whole screen using the original resolutions
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Re: Some doubts: gpu-multi-threaded, quad-rendering, and str

Postby Bart » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:48 am

If you run Supermodel with no command line arguments it will print out a help text that indicates which options are active by default and which aren’t. You can also check Error.log to see what Supermodel is actually doing for each option.

I *think* quad rendering is OFF by default and GPU multi-threading is ON by default. But I’m not near a computer with Supermodel right now so you should check to be sure.

Stretch will force Supermodel to use the resolution you specify without adjusting for aspect ratio. If you pick a resolution that does not match the Model 3’s aspect ratio (which is likely to be all of the resolutions you choose since Pc monitors have a very different aspect ratio), stretching will cause noticeable distortion in the horizontal dimension. If you use the normal, non-stretch mode, you will notice black bars on the left and right. The display will be centered and occupy fewer pixels horizontally than actually specified, in order to maintain the aspect ratio.

Example: 1920x1080

Without stretching, Supermodel will render at 1395x1080. The missing 525 horizontal pixels are replaced with black bars to crop the frame. You’ll notice that 1395/1080 = 496/384 = 1.29. With stretch, Supermodel will render at 1920x1080 but the image will look stretched.

Now, I don’t recall what happens if you use wide screen mode. In that mode, Supermodel will use the full horizontal resolution and does so by *expanding the field of view*. This is different than stretching. Where the black bars would have been, Supermodel renders the 3D scene contents that would be visible there past the ordinary borders of the screen. I *think* if you use wide screen mode, stretch has no effect. Stretching refers only to the original Model 3 496x384 viewport and wide screen overrides this anyway.

Disable wide screen and try stretch mode.
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Re: Some doubts: gpu-multi-threaded, quad-rendering, and str

Postby anchounio » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:58 pm

Thank you :)
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