Neutral shift not working with G25/27!??

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Re: Neutral shift not working with G25/27!??

Postby TheSupermodel3 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:47 am

nikdd wrote:
TheSupermodel3 wrote:I wrote this : InputGearShiftN = "!KEY_Q+!KEY_W+!KEY_E+!KEY_R" but not working perfect!

Is it realy the exact thing to write???

This is the correct thing to write as far as the input parser is concerned. It means InputGearShiftN will be active whenever none of the keys are pressed, ie the gear will be neutral unless you are holding down one of Q, W, E, R.

Whether that's what you want or not, I don't know :-) !? Perhaps you could explain again what you are trying to achieve?

Thanks, Nik.

I 'm going to try!lol!Sorry for my bad english! :oops:

Ok,in supermodel.ini:

; Steering wheel
InputSteeringLeft = "KEY_LEFT" ; digital, turn wheel left
InputSteeringRight = "KEY_RIGHT" ; digital, turn wheel right
InputSteering = "JOY1_XAXIS" ; analog, full steering range

; Pedals
InputAccelerator = "KEY_UP,JOY1_YAxis_NEG"
InputBrake = "KEY_DOWN,JOY1_RZAxis_NEG"

; Manual transmission
InputGearShift1 = "KEY_Q,JOY1_BUTTON9"
InputGearShift2 = "KEY_W,JOY1_BUTTON10"
InputGearShift3 = "KEY_E,JOY1_BUTTON11"
InputGearShift4 = "KEY_R,JOY1_BUTTON12"
InputGearShiftN = InputGearShiftN = "!KEY_Q+!KEY_W+!KEY_E+!KEY_R"
InputGearShiftUp = "NONE" ; sequential shift up
InputGearShiftDown = "NONE" ; sequential shift down

with this setting,neutral shift is actived(i can see "N" as neutral shift on screen in game(it's working!),when i start a race without touching anything(neutral position in the middle of my H shifter!)...but when i press gear...and i return to neutral position,The letter N no longer appears at all!!

What's wrong with my setting!?

Thanks a lot NIK! :D


resolved: Like Bart said ,i wrote this setting in supermodel.ini and it's working very good!YEEEES! :D

; Manual transmission
InputGearShift1 = "JOY1_BUTTON9"
InputGearShift2 = "JOY1_BUTTON10"
InputGearShift3 = "JOY1_BUTTON11"
InputGearShift4 = "JOY1_BUTTON12"

THANKS A LOT NIK and BART ..."MOTY"(Men of the year!) :)
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