Supermodel patches (Fixes & Improvements)

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Re: Supermodel patches (Fixes & Improvements)

Postby HarryTuttle » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:22 am

@sonic32, @Shekel

You're welcome! I appreciate your comment. :D

What is really needed at this point is to build some test case, so even normal users can contribute to spot the remaining "corner cases" (the 0.01% ones that sometime make you doubt of your code correctness or even invalidate that).

Another idea would be to make direct high quality capture from real Model3 hardware (by the lucky people who own it), something similar to what was done by the brave Abelardo and also this guy [].

Those "commissioned" captures should be based on specific needs like a particular point in game sequence, an attract mode sequence, etc.

But the real dream that comes true, would be like to be able to alter the ROM program code of the original hardware and capture it's execution. For example we could force specular highlight in the hidden debug menu, render submenu, of Scud Race to test every parameter.

I think that Bart made an experiment last year in that direction by writing the first home made program to run on actual hardware (on a VF3 PCB, if i recall).
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