Frame timing

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Re: Frame timing

Postby Bart » Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:53 pm

I think Step 1.5 uses SCSI as well. Step 2.x uses the Real3D DMA, which is indeed simpler. But I think that the Real3D memory space is actually visible to the PowerPC directly, so for testing purposes, data can be copied over that way. The hard part is figuring out which obscure bit in which magic register is blowing things up :) It's just trial and error really. The easiest way to proceed is to duplicate everything the games write initially and then experiment with removing/changing the values.

Unfortunately, I'm back in New York now so it'll be a few months before I have access to the boards again. But if a promising development solution (a convenient adapter board or SRAM-based EPROM emulator) ends up materializing sooner, I'll probably just snag another board off of eBay for use here in New York.
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