I'm thinking of a cool Sega Rally 2 Mod.

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I'm thinking of a cool Sega Rally 2 Mod.

Postby TheRealDise » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:17 am

It's me again. Tbh, I'm thinking of making a Sega Rally 2 mod. No, not just to do with the soundtrack (or custom music mp2 feature). It's a real mod I'm thinking of here. I would love to collab with people to make it! The table is below. If you are interested in taking part of making this mod, please contact sabian56@outlook.com
Code: Select all
Soundtrack - TheRealDise (me)
Coding - Empty
Graphics - Empty
Promotional video making - Empty

If any other roles are needed, contact srally2updateroles@outlook.com
Thank you for reading.
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