Making Star Wars Trilogy force feedback hardware work

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Re: Making Star Wars Trilogy force feedback hardware work

Postby Bart » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:32 am

SailorSat wrote:Hm...
We'll find the feedback data - should not be too complicated.

I am curious because the usual drive board port does not seem to be accessed at all. Lights are accessed as usual.
I doubt they did something special - an 8 bit port should be more than enough :)

You are checking with Supermodel, right? This (in Model3.cpp) is probably to blame:

Code: Select all
else if (!strcmp(Game->id, "swtrilgy"))
    *(UINT32 *) &crom[0xF0E48] = 0x60000000;
    *(UINT32 *) &crom[0x043DC] = 0x48000090;  // related to joystick feedback
    *(UINT32 *) &crom[0x029A0] = 0x60000000;
    *(UINT32 *) &crom[0x02A0C] = 0x60000000;
  else if (!strcmp(Game->id, "swtrilgya"))
    *(UINT32 *) &crom[0xF6DD0] = 0x60000000;  // from MAME
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