supermodel 3 amazingness

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supermodel 3 amazingness

Postby krsjoker » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:59 pm

Hey everyone and hope you are all well and having a great time running up to xmas!

so today like most days i find myself at my computer playing some daytona usa2,scud race or sega rally 2 and it always go's through my mind how simply amazing it is to be able to play these arcade gems in my own home which are almost arcade perfect now,i mean this alone is outstanding and is better than anything that sega or anyone else has been able to deliver to us in 20 years!.
i truly believe that sega could of made a fortune if they had released these model 3 games sooner when everyone wanted soooo much to play these classics at home...i still think they could make some good cash if they still went ahead and did it,especialy for console owners.

so none of this would be possible today without Bart and Nick that started it all off with supermodel 3 so just a big thank you to you guys and everyone else that continues to release the new builds for supermodel!, thanks to all you guys and keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays!! :D
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