My PC is officially done.

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Re: My PC is officially done.

Postby ferrarifan » Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:20 pm

doteater wrote:hmm
if there's one emulator that doesn't really benefit from loads of cores is mame
demul is pretty much the same thing - maybe slightly less but single thread performance is still the #1 culprit for slowdowns and dips,specially in those dreamcast CE games
no idea about "Naomi Multiboard emulation" but still..
of course,rpcs3,xenia and really recent emulators do require loads of cores but mame and demul..not so much

also,that gpu is quite entry level but i guess it's enough for supermodel
it will definitely prevent you from upscaling stuff / playing stuff at really high resolutions though
not a big deal at all if you ask me but some people want to upscale everything to 437k
but what about pc games ? an older 950-960 would have been a lot better for probably just 10-20 bucks more ?
maybe you didn't have a psu for those power hungry cards

personally,i always prefer to wait and buy older "mid / high end" stuff at cheaper prices instead of buying more recent low-ish / mid stuff
i think that in the end it is always a better idea
TBH, MAME is a very awesome arcade emulator but, It hogs the CPU when it comes to 3D games. However, Games like Ridge Racer and San Francisco Rush for example reqiure extra horsepower like 3 or 4 Ghz. Since i have the i5, the games run flawlessly without slowdown. The i3 that i tested had a bit slowdown.
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