The first new Model 3 program in 17 years?

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The first new Model 3 program in 17 years?

Postby Bart » Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:49 pm

I spent the past week at my parents' place and decided to tackle a project that I've wanted to do for years: run my own code on a Model 3 PCB. I've had a VF3 PCB lying around here for a good 10-12 years. The previous owner put it in a nice case with fans and even included an ATX PSU wired up to be used with it. Originally, I was unable to obtain a monitor compatible with the Model 3's medium frequency timing, and so it collected dust until last year, when I discovered that an Acer LCD monitor my parents had worked great with it.

A few weeks before coming out here, I built a Windows-hosted powerpc-603e-eabi cross compiler (gcc 5.1.0) and set about writing a simple test program and all the required startup code. I added support to Supermodel for loading arbitrary ROM images and, with the aid of the excellent debugger Nik wrote, managed to write a simple program that could print text to the screen using the tile generator. Getting that far was more work than I expected! I then went on an eBay shopping spree and purchased a cheap device programmer (which I am very pleased with), EPROM eraser, IC extraction tool, a few sets of M27C4002 EPROMs, and an assortment of components I thought I might need.

Dumping my VF3 EPROMs using the MiniPro!
photo.JPG (46.34 KiB) Viewed 17674 times

Backstage at Supermodel HQ.
workspace.jpg (115.53 KiB) Viewed 17674 times

With everything seemingly ready to test out my super-simple "hello, world" program, I carefully connected my VF3 board to its power supply, removed the four VF3 EPROMs, inserted my replacements, held my breath as I flipped the power strip switch on and ... nothing! A black screen! How was I going to debug this? There is quite a lot of setup involved in bringing up a PowerPC system that Supermodel cannot emulate (such as the MMU), so the problem could have been anywhere. Fortunately, I was able to flash patterns on the board LEDs to determine that my code was indeed running. The problem lay with the tile generator. Now it so happens that Model 3 uses the System 24 tile generator, so I fired off an email to Charles MacDonald who pointed out a few things to me. I began debugging by using Supermodel to capture everything Virtua Fighter 3 writes to the tile generator and system registers up until the region warning screen shows up, creating a sort of "save state" I could test on the actual hardware. Th