Problem using guns in L.A. Machineguns and The Ocean Hunter

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Problem using guns in L.A. Machineguns and The Ocean Hunter

Postby Shekel » Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:12 am

Do these use the same controls as Star Wars? I have that game working with mouse and buttons, but not these two.

I read in an old post that they need to be calibrated in the test menu otherwise they'll have no movement. I went there, to input options but nothing moves and the triggers don't even register.

Here's a portion of my ini. I'm not sure what's supposed to be used for these games.

InputAnalogJoyX = "MOUSE_XAXIS"
InputAnalogJoyY = "MOUSE_YAXIS"
InputGunDown = "JOY1_POV1_DOWN"
InputGunLeft = "JOY1_POV1_LEFT"
InputGunRight = "JOY1_POV1_RIGHT"
InputGunUp = "JOY1_POV1_UP"
InputGunX2 = "JOY2_XAXIS"
InputGunY2 = "JOY2_YAXIS"
InputOffscreen2 = "JOY2_BUTTON2"
InputTrigger2 = "JOY2_BUTTON1"
InputAutoTrigger = 0
InputAutoTrigger2 = 0
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